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Are you okay with going bald in 15 years' time?

Male pattern baldness (MPB) progresses in a well-known pattern called the Norwood Scale. Although the rate of hair loss varies between people, the expected time-frame for someone with MPB is around 15 years as you can see in the diagram. 

Whatever stage you are at now, are you going to be happy in 2 or 3 years time when you reach the next stage if you do nothing? 

If nothing changes then your hair will get worse. But if you decide to do something then in 3 to 6 months’ time you can have more, thicker, healthier and stronger hair than you have today.


Grotin all is clinically-proven Anti Hair fall and Re-growth system. It gives nourishment to your Hair form inside the body and helps them to rebuilt there structure . 


A placebo-controlled study with 50 participants monitored the safety and effectiveness of Grotin All for 30 days. Here are the statistically-significant results:

How Grotin All Works (Step by Step Approach)

Step 1:

Targeting & blocking DHT directly on the scalp

It's well known that DHT contributes to hair loss, and with the help of the Grotin All we can reduce it directly using natural ingredients that block DHT as well as using natural DHT blockers in the supplement.

Step 2 :

Boosting blood flow directly to hair follicles

Hair follicles grow or shrink depending on the blood flow they get. More blood means more nutrients, minerals and oxygen. The Grotin All Supplement work together to get more nutrition to the hair follicles.

Step 3:

Reducing scalp inflammation

Scalp inflammation irritates and hair follicles and lead to miniaturization. The Grotin All Shampoo works with the Supplement to directly and holistically help minimise inflammation.

Step 4:

Reducing stress and tension

Stress and tension are known causes of hair loss. The Grotin All can reduce muscle tension throughout the scalp with the use of its Ingredients, whilst the Supplement contains ingredients that reduce stress and nerves internally.

Step 5:

Providing the building blocks for the hair follicle

Your hair needs exactly the right nutrients and minerals to grow. That's why we formulated our supplement to contain the exact right combination in natural form. The Grotin All can help increase uptake of these vital building blocks. The Grotin All also provides additional nutrients and minerals topically.

Step 6:

Signalling the dermal papilla to repair itself

The dermal papilla is the root system of the hair follicle, if it's weak then the hair follicle itself will be weak. By signalling repair of the dermal papilla the hair has a chance to grow back strong.

Scheldule : 2 Tablets a Day

  • Scientifically formulated to fight key hair-loss deficiencies
  • The highest quality ingredients available
  • An easily digestible and bioavailable form of essentials
  • No fillers or additives taking up valuable space
  • Just take 2 Tablets daily with water

Ingredients and Benefits: The Supplement contains an advanced premium blend of nutrients and minerals proven to support healthy hair. Primarily biotin, niacin, vitamin E ,Msm, Collagen and many more.

Specifically formulated for men and women with thin/receding hair. Protect yourself against nutrient and minerals deficiencies known to cause hair loss.

Make the supplement an integral part of your Hair Care regime

Thicker, Stronger Hair

Everybody knows the kind of hair that looks and feel thin, especially when wet. For men this is most apparent around the hairline, for women, hair loss occurs all over in a diffuse pattern. That's exactly why we created this supplement, to support thicker, stronger hair.

Supports Hair Growth

With the right nutrients and minerals your hair can grow much faster. We've created our supplement to have maximum bioavailability which means the target nutrients and minerals are more likely to be absorbed and used by the body.

Improved Hair Health

Nutrient and mineral deficiencies can stunt the growth of healthy, thick hair and protect the follicle against damage. We've scientifically designed our formula to counteract the specific deficiencies that would otherwise lead to hair loss.


What to expect:

  • Fuller, thicker and healthier hair
  • Improvements in hair texture and feel
  • No major side effects
  •  Stronger hair with less shedding
  • Hairs growing rather than falling out

What not to expect:

  •  Overnight success! Healthy, thick and strong hair needs time and nutrients to grow. Old thin hair is replaced slowly with new healthy hair. 
  •  Miracle cure! It takes time to work holistically. It is not a miracle hair loss treatment. 




Package 2

(For 3 Months)
3 Month
  • Get 2 Bottles Of Grotin All Containg 60 Tablets Each(2 Months Supply)
  • Get Aboslutely FREE(200ml Premium Biotin Shampoo + 1 Month Supply Of Grotin All Complex)
  • Pay For 2 Get 3
  • Door Delivery Free
  • *Money Back Guarantee

Package 1

(For 1 Month)
  • Get 1 Bottle Of Grotin All Containing 60 Tablets(1Month Supply)
  • With Above You Also Get 200ml Premium Biotin Shampoo Abolutely Free
  • Door Delivery Free

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